SENSE4BOAT is using the cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to monitor all the vital parameters of the boat and to detect potential threats long before they become a real hazard.

There are four different sensor available for purchase:

All the sensors and the measurements collected from the various sensors can be checked anywhere with SENSE4BOAT mobile application. When a crtical alert is generated, the owner, and optionally the marina where the boat is berthed in, will receive a voice call with a detailed description of the hazard, as well as an email, SMS and a push notification on the mobile application. The application also logs all alerts and warnings generated by the sensors.

Each of the sensors is directly connected to the Internet so there is no need for an expensive and complicated central unit, it is powered by internal batteries so it does not drain the boat’s batteries and the installation is done in several minutes.

In order for the sensors to work, they need to be in the area covered by the Sigfox Network, the world’s largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required and only a moderate annual subscription. Please check the coverage and the strength of the Sigfox Network signal here.

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