The Smart Heat Sensor is designed to monitor the temperature in enclosed spaces (engine room, battery compartments, etc.) and to alert the boat owner, and optionally a marina, when specific threshold are exceeded. Therefore, it may indicate a possible fire in the engine room or battery compartments. The sensor monitors the absolute temperature but rapid temperature rises as well. The sensor is designed to operate at high temperatures on long terms (85°C) and even up to 5min at a temperature of 130°C.

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement range: -5°C to 122°C

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 105°C

  • Protection level: IP67

  • Battery life: 7 years

  • Temperature delta: 2°C

  • Temperature sampling frequency: 6sec

  • Self check interval: every 12h

Working principle

When the sensor is successfully installed and added to the system via the mobile application, it starts to sample the temperature every 6 seconds.

The sensor status is shown on the Active sensors page in the mobile application indicating current temperature. By tapping on the sensor you can observe temperature changes during the last several days.

If the air has changed temperature for more than 2°C since the last measurement 6 seconds ago, the system compares the value with the thresholds defined in the mobile application.

If the defined thresholds are exceeded, the system generates the following alerts:

When the temperature is returned to the normal value, the system will inform you with the following message Temperature Returned to Normal

DISCLAIMER: This sensor is not a life-saving device nor certified/designed as a fire alarm system if you are legally obliged to have one on your boat. This sensor is designed to be used exclusively for informative purposes while the boat is at its contract berth under the surveillance of your home marina covered with the Sigfox signal. In order to work, the sensor requires valid annual subscription. In order to work, the sensor requires valid annual subscription. The sensor is not designed to be used while the boat is in navigation and under the owner's surveillance or at a temporary berth in another marina not covered with the Sigfox signal.

The sensor is manufactured by SimpleHardware s.r.o., EU.