This sensor continuously monitors (every 15min) the voltage and temperature of your batteries and warns you about any relevant action required to properly maintain the batteries to avoid damage due to sulfation and deep discharging.

Sensor image

Whenever a voltage difference larger than 100mV (compared to the last measurement) is detected, a message is sent to the cloud service and compared with the customer-specified thresholds for diverse alerting conditions (low/critical/charging/high temperature).

If those threshold are exceeded, an automated email/push messages are generated and delivered to multiple recipients specified by the customers or shared with the Proactive Boat Care providers (see below). The sensor will also inform you about the start and finish of the charging cycle, as well as monitor the battery temperature during the charging/discharging to avoid overheating (boiling) of the batteries.

All measurements are stored in a cloud for further analysis and can be retrieved anytime by a provided mobile application.

Mobile application

The sensor monitors one battery bank (for example service batteries) supporting both 12V or 24V electrical networks. The number of the batteries within one battery bank is unlimited.

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Proactive boat care service

If the customer decides to connect the sensor to the Proactive Boat Service offered by his/her marina, port or yacht service, those messages can be shared with those providers for further proceedings (for example organized battery charging service).