Positioning the sensor

Before installing the Smart Heat Sensor determine a suitable place to position it. Place the sensor where the risk of increased temperatures or fire is the highest, for example, near the boat’s battery banks. Note that the hot air always rises up, so it is a good idea to place the heat sensor above the source of potential heat.

While installing the sensor, be sure to position the sensor in a way that the small probe at the bottom of the sensor is facing downwards. Then use screws to attach the sensor in an upright position, ideally as far away from metal obstacles as possible.

Adding the sensor to the mobile application

Once the sensor is physically installed in your boat, you can add it to the SENSE4BOAT mobile application.

If you need help to download the SENSE4BOAT application, sign up and log into the application, please tap here.

If you need help adding the sensor in the application, please tap here.