To configure the Smart Heat Sensor:

  • go to Home page (Active sensors page)

  • tap on the sensor you wish to configure

  • tap on the gear button located at the top right corner.

Give the sensor a name if you have more than one to know which sensor is sending alerts. Try not to have more than one sensor with the same name.

Here you can check:

  • Sensor ID

  • Subscription start date

  • Subscription expiration date

  • Days until the next billing

Set the threshold values for the following parameters:

  • Low temperature

    • default value: 4 °C

  • High temperature

    • default value: 70 °C

  • Severe temperature

    • default value: 90 °C

  • Rapid temperature rise

    • default value: 7 °C/min

    • minimum value: 5 °C/min

    • maximum value: 15 °C/min

Change the status of the sensor from Active to Deactive, Delete the sensor or reset the sensor to its default values by tapping on the Change status button.

Save the changes you made.