To configure the Smart Heat Sensor:

  • go to Home page (Active sensors page)

  • tap on the sensor you wish to configure

  • tap on the gear button located at the top right corner.

Give the sensor a name if you have more than one to know which sensor is sending alerts. Try not to have more than one sensor with the same name.

Here you can check:

  • Sensor ID

  • Subscription start date

  • Subscription expiration date

  • Days until the next billing

Set the threshold values for the following parameters:

  • Low temperature

    • default value: 4 °C

  • High temperature

    • default value: 70 °C

  • Severe temperature

    • default value: 90 °C

  • Rapid temperature rise

    • default value: 7 °C/min

    • minimum value: 5 °C/min

    • maximum value: 15 °C/min

Change the status of the sensor from Active to Deactive or Delete the sensor.

Save the changes you made.